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Do you know? Photovoltaics also need to “avoid the heat”

During the summer, photovoltaic power plants are operating efficiently, the power generation is slowly increasing.

Some friends may think that the higher the temperature, the higher the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation.


Photovoltaic power plants also have their own ideal temperature conditions(About 25 ℃)

When the temperature exceeds the ideal value, the output power of photovoltaic modules will actually decrease.

This means that on a scorching summer day, to maintain the efficient operation of photovoltaic power plants, the “operation, maintenance, and heat protection” work of the power station cannot be ignored.

We will provide you with some precautions for operating and maintaining photovoltaic power plants in hot weather:

Firstly, ensure that there is no local shading of the photovoltaic module, and promptly clean up any foreign objects that obstruct it;

Secondly, regularly check the ventilation of photovoltaic modules to avoid accumulation of module heat due to poor ventilation;

Thirdly, strengthen the temperature measurement of cables, casings, and other equipment in photovoltaic power plants, and judge the degree of problems based on the ambient temperature of the equipment;

Fourthly, regularly check if the photovoltaic bracket and component fasteners are loose, and check if the cables are exposed.

Fifth, understand the heat dissipation situation around the inverter, check if the air is flowing normally, and install a sunshade device on the inverter to ensure its stable operation and extend its service life.



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