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Weather Station

Weather station is specifically designed for PV system. It provides a comprehensive environmental monitoring solution for users including irradiance, ambient temperature and humidity, wind direction and speed, and module temperature. With the combination of accurate real-time data, durable products and powerful online platform, it helps users evaluate yield efficiency in a more comprehensive and convenient way.


  • Accurate real-time and historical data, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of system performance;

  • Compatible with Wavetel data logger, ensuring simple configuration and lower O&M cost.;

  • Powerful platform, providing visualized meteorological data;

  • Real-time alerts with timely notification, ensuring fast troubleshoot;

  • Standard sensors for general demands (High accuracy sensor for project with high demands).


Distributed Solar Solutions

We provide high-efficiency micro-inverter as well as total solution for distributed solar power plant

Energy storage solutions.webp

Energy Storage Solutions

We provide modulated products, which can be customized to different needs between 10KW to 1MW.


Inspection and Maintenance

We offer tools and supports so that our installers can do better job and reduce cost.

Reliable support Solar Energy.webp

Quick Response & Reliable Support

We offer support through email and phone, and most issues can be addressed in 1-3 business day.

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