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Micro Inverters

The micro-inverter offers unique technology that enables much improved solar energy harvest, increased reliability, simplified installation and efficient management of solar power systems.

Each micro-inverter is individually connected to up to four PV module in the solar panel array.This unique conflguration achleves Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at the PV module level,thus eliminating single-point failure,minimizing the effect of shading,soiling,orientation or PV module ageing, and improving the system's efficiency by up to 30%.


  • Increased lifetime and reliability (double lifetime)

  • No single-point failure with system availability of 100%

  • Maximized energy harvest(Average+16%)

  • Reduced power loss with shade,dust and debris

  • Plug and Play installation

  • No indoor bulky and noisy inverter unit

  • 24h smart real time monitoring for each PV module

  • Safe and silent operation without high voltage hazards


Distributed Solar Solutions

We provide high-efficiency micro-inverter as well as total solution for distributed solar power plant

Energy storage solutions.webp

Energy Storage Solutions

We provide modulated products, which can be customized to different needs between 10KW to 1MW.


Inspection and Maintenance

We offer tools and supports so that our installers can do better job and reduce cost.

Reliable support Solar Energy.webp

Quick Response & Reliable Support

We offer support through email and phone, and most issues can be addressed in 1-3 business day.

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