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Stick Logger

Stick logger supports GPRS, WiFi, 4G, Ethernet and other communication method. Furthermore, stick logger supports RS485/RS232/TTL/USB and other serial communication. With the design of multi-cover, it adapts to a vast majority of inverters. By collecting operating status and power generation of inverter, stick logger can run a long-term and efficient monitoring of PV system, which increases work efficiency and reduces management cost significantly. With its extended functions, such as GNSS, power-off reminder, Bluetooth, stick logger enables a qucik configuration at site and an easy plant O&M.


  • External indicator lights, ensuring collection status at a glance;

  • Plug and play, no extra power supply is required;

  • Independent module, protecting internal parts of inverter;

  • Waterproof design, resistant to bad weather;

  • External design, easy to replace faulty equipment;

  • Review data and yields via Wavetel Portal at anytime and anywhere;

  • Extended function: Power-off reminder;

  • Extended function: GNSS.

  • Multi-type interface to adapter the main-stream inverters 


Compatible Solar Inverter Brand 

  • Huawei

  • Sofarsolar

  • Solis

  • INVT

  • Deye

  • Aishiwei


  • Kehua

  • Kstar

  • Sungrow

  • Growatt

  • Afore

  Please contact our sales for more Brand 


Distributed Solar Solutions

We provide high-efficiency micro-inverter as well as total solution for distributed solar power plant

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Energy Storage Solutions

We provide modulated products, which can be customized to different needs between 10KW to 1MW.


Inspection and Maintenance

We offer tools and supports so that our installers can do better job and reduce cost.

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Quick Response & Reliable Support

We offer support through email and phone, and most issues can be addressed in 1-3 business day.

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