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How do smart meters and solar panels work together?

Smart meters and solar panels will work in unison to help increase your energy savings and reduce emissions. When your smart meter is connected to a solar panel system, it can take accurate readings of how much energy your home is using from the system and how much it’s importing from the grid (and exporting). This recording then automatically gets sent to your supplier in exactly the same way as just having a smart meter.

Combining a smart meter and solar panels could help you to avoid expensive peak prices, plus solar energy helps you to gain independence from energy suppliers and their tariffs. This means that installing smart meters and solar panels could save you a considerable amount of money every year, which is extremely beneficial as energy prices continue to soar.

It’s important to note that some energy providers have been a little slow in setting up their systems to be compatible with solar panels, so make sure you double-check with your supplier first. The good news is that the majority of the bigger companies already have this covered.



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