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The role of photovoltaic energy storage systems

1. Improve the stability of photovoltaic power generation and reduce waste of light

Adding energy storage systems to photovoltaic power generation devices can improve the stability of photovoltaic power generation, reduce the impact of uncontrollable factors on power generation, enhance the application capacity of photovoltaic power generation, and reduce the phenomenon of solar abandonment.

2. Provide clean electricity to assist in energy conservation and emission reduction

The electricity provided by photovoltaic energy storage systems is converted from clean and renewable solar energy, which largely plays a role in energy conservation.

In addition, photovoltaic energy storage systems generate fewer harmonics of electrical energy, which can improve the quality of the power grid.

3. High power generation efficiency and low cost

The photovoltaic equipment of the photovoltaic energy storage system can absorb solar energy and convert it into electrical energy during the day.

Energy storage devices can store electrical energy and release it at night by converting it into AC power required by the power grid.

This has to some extent achieved the spontaneous self use of photovoltaic power generation, improved the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation, and reduced the cost of power generation and consumption.

4. Improve the security of the power grid

Photovoltaic energy storage systems can achieve flexible regulation of electricity resources, providing corresponding protection functions for the power grid in the event of faults or sudden situations, greatly improving the flexibility and safety of electricity resource utilization.



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