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What is a photovoltaic energy storage system?

Photovoltaic energy storage system is a system that utilizes solar energy for photovoltaic energy storage and generation. It consists of two major equipment: photovoltaic equipment and energy storage equipment.

The working principle of photovoltaic energy storage system

Photovoltaic devices will absorb solar energy and convert it into electricity, and energy storage devices will store the electricity generated by photovoltaic devices.

When the photovoltaic system lacks power, the energy storage system will convert the stored energy into the required AC power supply network for use, in order to extend the service life of the energy storage system.

Classification of photovoltaic energy storage systems

According to the needs of different application scenarios, photovoltaic power generation and energy storage systems can be divided into several modes: photovoltaic grid connected energy storage system, photovoltaic off grid energy storage system, parallel off grid energy storage system, and optical storage microgrid system.

Photovoltaic grid connected energy storage system and photovoltaic off grid energy storage system are respectively the combination of photovoltaic grid connected system, photovoltaic off grid system and energy storage system.

The parallel off grid energy storage system is a photovoltaic system that supplies a portion of electricity to the load for use and a portion of electricity to the battery for charging. In the absence of light, the mains or battery provides electricity for the load to work; When the power grid is cut off, the system switches directly to the off grid state, and the load is powered by the battery. When the mains power returns to normal, the system switches back to the grid connection mode.

The optical storage microgrid system can operate in parallel with the external power grid or independently. Photovoltaic power is supplied to the load through an inverter, while the battery is charged through the PCS. When there is no light, the battery can supply power to the load through the PCS, thereby reducing the user’s dependence on the power grid.



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